Paulina Woon Baik is an abstract artist who resides and works between Seoul, South Korea, and New York City, USA.

Baik's paintings feature bold, abstract forms executed with energetic expressive brushstrokes which convey a sense of movement, spontaneity, and raw emotion. Each piece, through its refined minimalistic forms, it challenges perceptions and evokes rich emotional and intellectual engagement, revealing striking depth and complexity upon closer examination.

Baik’s experimentation with scale, rhythm, and balance results in compositions that evoke a sense of flow, harmony, and drama. She draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of natural landscapes and the pulsating energy of urban environments, channeling these influences into her vividly expressive abstract artworks. Central to her artistic philosophy is a reverence for simplicity, where she harnesses the power of subtraction to create compositions that resonate with consonance and connectivity.

Her distinctive style, characterized by simplistic forms brought to life through exuberant and gestural brushwork, reflects her mastery of distilling and refining imagery into visual poetry. At the heart of her work lies a dialogue between the subconscious and conscious mind, a theme that permeates her dynamic and expressive paintings. Infused with the essence of "Chi" – vital energy – Baik’s works transcend mere visual stimuli, inviting viewers on an introspective journey to uncover hidden emotions and insights.

In her exploration of connectivity and life's pathways, Baik draws inspiration from both architecture and nature. Through introspection and reflection, she translates her surroundings into visual forms, crafting concise yet evocative poetry that encapsulates the duality of everyday existence. Trees often serve as symbolic motifs in her oeuvre, representing personal journey and growth. The Lacebark Pine of Jae-dong, a significant symbol from her alma mater, Changdeok Girls’ High School, embodies resilience, growth, and interconnectedness, themes central to Baik’s artistic vision.

Baik’s artistic process is a rich tapestry of materials, seamlessly blending acrylic and oil paints with mixed media. She incorporates natural materials such as leather, Hanji (traditional Korean handmade mulberry paper), and Hansan Mosi (hand-woven Korean fabric recognized by UNESCO), alongside precious metals like 24K gold and platinum. In her compositions, stucco coated with these metals serves as a powerful symbol, evoking notions of energy, spirit, and the elusive concept of "chi." Through these elements, Baik’s work continues to captivate and inspire, offering a profound meditation on the complexities of life and the beauty of simplicity.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Seoul, South Korea

She divides her time between living and working in Seoul, South Korea, and New York City, USA.


- The Art Students League of New York

   아트 스튜던트 리그 오브 뉴욕 수학

- Life Drawing Studio

  라이프 드로잉 스튜디오 225 미국 뉴욕 수료

- Chelsea Art Studio

   첼시스튜디오 미국 뉴욕

Awards & Collections

- Korean Female Artist Silver Award

  한국 여성 작가 공모전 은상 수상

- Misool Sidae “The Artist of Today”

  미술시대 “오늘의 작가” 작가상

- Collection in Consulate General of Korea in New York

   주 뉴욕 총영사관 작품 소장

Selected Solo & Group  Exhibitions


 “8 Female Artists of Today” Soeho Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

오늘의 여성작가 8인 초대전 서호갤러리 (서울 인사동)


“The artist's mind painted on Earth” - Ami Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

“흙에 그린 화가의 마음전” - 도화전 아미 갤러리 (서울 강남구 신사동)

 “ Paintings on Ceramic Works ” Dado gallery (Seoul, Korea)

“시를 그린 그림: 시화전” - 다도 갤러리 (서울 강남구)

 Korea Female Nude Artists’ Association Group exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

한국 여류 화가 누드 협회 그룹전(서울 강남구 현대백화점 압구정본점)

 Hyundai Museum Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

현대미술관 개인전 (서울 강남구 현대백화점 압구정본점)


Kajiaso Gallery Solo Exhibtion (Boston, USA)

가지아소 갤러리 초대전 (미국 보스톤)

 Icon Gallery Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

이콘 갤러리 초대전 (서울 강남구 신사동)

 The Club Boston Solo Exhibition (Boston, USA)

더 클럽 개인전 (미국 보스톤)


Boston Fine Arts Gallery  “Recent Works- Woon Kyung Baik” (Boston, USA)

보스톤 파인 아트 갤러리 초대전 (미국 보스톤)

 Le Salon, Grand Palais (France, Paris)

“르 살롱“ 그랑팔래(프랑스 파리)

 Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition Tour (France)

한국 현대 미술 프랑스 순회전(프랑스)

Painting Pottery Group Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

도화전 아미갤러리 (서울 강남구 신사동)

20 Contemporary Artists of Misool Sidae (Seoul, Korea)

현대 미술작가 선정 20인 미술시대


Pharos Gallery on Madison Ave. Solo Exhibition (New York City, USA)

페로스 갤러리 개인전 (미국 뉴욕)

Chungdam Art Festival Gasan Gallery Representative Artist Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

청담 미술제 가산갤러리 대표 화가 개인전(서울 강남구 청담동)


Walter Wickiser Gallery Group Exhibition (New York City, USA)

월터 위크셔 갤러리 그룹전(미국 뉴욕)


Think Liquid Solo Exhibition (New York City, USA)

Think Liquid 개인전(미국 뉴욕)


Think Art Gallery Chelsea Solo Exhibition (New York City, USA)

Think Art 갤러리 개인전 (미국 뉴욕)


“Paintings Translated into Textiles” Solo Exhibition Marven Design(Korea)

“텍스타일로 번역한 회화” 마벤디자인 초대전


Ace Artists’ Hotel Art Fair (Seoul, Korea)

에이스 아티스트 호텔 아트 페어 (서울 중구)


Los Angeles Art Fair (Los Angeles, USA)

LA 아트페어(미국 로스앤젤레스)


KCAF 11th “Korea Contemporary Art Festival” (Seoul, Korea)

KCAF 제11회 한국현대미술제 예술의 전당 (서울 서초구)


W.K Gallery @ Kangnam Group Exhibtion (Seoul, Korea)

WK뉴욕갤러리 강남 개관 그룹전(서울 강남구 논현동)


Madison Gallery Solo Exhibiton (Bundang, Korea)

메디슨 뉴욕 갤러리 개인전 (분당구 서현동)


W.K Gallery @Seocho Solo exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

더블유케이 뉴욕 갤러리 서초 개인전 (서울 서초구 서초동)


1stdibs online featured artist

1stdibs online 작품 출품 및 작가 선정 (영국)


J.P Artspace Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

J.P뉴욕 아트스페이스 개인전 (서울 강남구 청담동)

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